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Monday, October 31, 2005


Welcome back fellow noobs. Today I felt for the first time how it feels to pwn other gamers. That's right, me, the PeReNnI4L nOOb broke into double digit kills.

I know, you're shocked, as was I, but I swear it's true. Of course, it wasn't easy. It took a lot of swearing at the computer for it to realize who was in charge. But eventually I pwned other noobs and BOY DID IT FEEL GOOD. Mhuahahahahaha.

Like I said, it wasn't easy. At first I thought I was going to have to send an email to RavenSoft to complain about a bug in their Q4 software. What bug you ask? I kept getting stuck, I couldn't move forward or to my left, only back and to my right. Eventually I saved my self from an embarassing moment with a technician and realized my problem. Wouldn't want to be like my father who one time called Gateway's tech support because he thought his computer was broken when all he had to do was turn on the monitor. Ha! Total noob.

Any way, noobs, here's a tip for ya: ESDF gets you killed. WASD keeps you alive.

After I figured out the problem was between the keyboard and the chair and not the software, I began to pwn other noobs. (The adrenaline rush was amazing.) In fact, I shattered my all time high record in kills, seven, with twenty-nine! Unfortunately, the winner of the round had 105 kills. Eh, it's a start.

Frag out!


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